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les Petits Onions

les Petits Onions

As a discerning food critic, my visit to les Petits Onions was highlighted by their rendition of Dame-Blanche, a classic dessert that demands both simplicity and finesse. The experience was a dance of textures and temperatures: the ice cream, a solid 8 out of 10, was rich and creamy, providing a perfect backdrop for the main event – the chocolate.

The chocolate sauce, not too warm, draped itself over the ice cream with a smug elegance. It’s here that les Petits Onions sets itself apart, using Callebaut chocolate, whose robust flavour profile was unmistakably present in every bite. This choice elevates the dessert from mere sweetness to a complex, luxurious experience.

However, the dessert’s presentation was functional, yet uninspired – a missed opportunity to showcase creativity. Similarly, the serving bowl, while practical, lacked the finesse one might expect at this price point. At €10.50, the dessert teeters on the edge of being overpriced, yet the quality of ingredients and the balanced ensemble of flavors justify the cost to some extent.

In summary,  les Petits Onions’ Dame-Blanche is a delight for those who appreciate the nuanced flavors of high-quality chocolate paired with perfectly churned ice cream, though a touch more innovation in presentation could make it truly exceptional.