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Porte Manger

Porte Manger

Recently, I had the pleasure of tasting the Dame Blanche dessert from Porte Manger, and I’m eager to share my thoughts on this classic treat.

Firstly, the portion size of the ice cream was a bit modest, with noticeably small scoops. While I appreciate the refinement in presentation, a slightly more generous serving would have elevated the experience.

The highlight for me was undoubtedly the fresh chocolate sauce. It was a true delight with its perfect consistency – neither too thick nor too runny. The sauce was rich in flavor and generously poured, making each bite a decadent pleasure. This aspect of the dessert was a standout, demonstrating great skill in balancing taste and texture.

As for the ice cream itself, it was pleasant but didn’t quite reach the heights of extraordinary. The texture was smooth, and the quality was evident, but it lacked a certain ‘wow’ factor in flavor. A bit more intensity or a unique twist to the classic taste would make it more memorable.

In summary, the Dame Blanche from Porte Manger offers a delightful experience, particularly with its exquisite chocolate sauce. A few tweaks to the ice cream could transform this dessert from good to exceptional. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a classic, well-made dessert with a touch of elegance.